WR250 Front Brake Upgrade - Fail

After hearing all the rave reviews of Honda brake upgrades on YZ250s, and seeing the horrible shape my 92 WR250's front caliper is in, I figured I'd give it a go.

Score a complete 2005 CRF250 brake setup off eBay - Check

Pry old caliper off rotor - Check

Swap new caliper onto old bracket - Fail

The Honda caliper uses a slot in the mounting bracket as a pad slide. On my YZ unit it uses a LARGE pin. Were I to swap brackets, the pads would just be flopping around only retained on one end. The Honda caliper bracket is too thick to fit between my rotor and the fork mounts without a LOT of grinding.

Yamaha doesn't list the bracket as a separate piece from the caliper...

I THINK this will work if I can get a newer YZ caliper bracket, but I didn't see any on eBay. Anyone got one kicking around they don't need any more?

Just found the one, lone bracket for a 2001 YZ125 on eBay... my brake overhaul project will be delayed while I wait for it to ship, but at least it's started now.

The bolt spacing is not correct on the plate. The caliper upgrade is for the 98 and newer yz's. In order to convert the old bikes you need to switch forks.

I went through it on my 97. You still get decent performance by using the Honda master cylinder and good pads.

Well lovely, so I just bought a bracket to go along with a caliper I can't use then? Crud. The new master won't do me any good till I do something about my caliper, and given the resistance the pad pins put up when I tried to remove them I don't think I'll be taking it apart for a rebuild any time soon.

I remember trying the new caliper on my 97. If I remember correctly the 92-97 used the same brakes. The new caliper, and bracket were close to fitting, but not close enough.

If you fix your old caliper, or find a better one on ebay (from the same generation), you'll have good brakes.

Poked around some more, the Honda caliper bracket uses the same bolt spacing as my 92 bracket, but it puts the lower mount further from the fork leg. So no dice there, at least not bolt up. I could get a piece of steel and make an adapter for the lower mounting lug pretty easily I think.

I'm going to take one more crack at breaking my pad pins free on my old caliper, and see if I can clean it up then mate it to the new line and master cylinder. In the mean time I'll see if I can get someone to whittle me out an adapter plate...

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