Riding frequencey and skill level

I was wondering what it takes to compete at different levels and how many or how much you need to ride/practice to do it at that level and how long before your ready for the next level. I know everybody is different I am just taking poll on how many times a week you practice/race your skill level and how long it took to get there.

I just started racing last year in October I practiced about once a week from July to Now. I raced 3, D class races 1 out side and two indoors. My abillities have improved enough that I am no longer a D-class rider. What does it take to be a top 3 c-class rider practice frequency and time, top three B-class, etc...

It all depends on your inner competitive spirit. I know that sounds hokey, but it's all in what you want. To move up in local classes in general is much easier and faster and takes racing and training at your comfort level or just above to achieve it. You will know when it is time to move up, you will be leading your class on a regular basis. To compete on the national level is a totally different animal. Remember everybody is different, so not one answer or program will be the same. In general at the local amateur level if you race on the weekend and ride twice through the week you should advance almost every year until you reach the A class, then it's time to seek other challengers or just sit back and collect your checks from local events. Again it all has to do with your drive and how competitive you want or need to be.

why would you want to be a top 3 c class rider? i would much prefer to be mid pack in b class than top three in c class. im from australia so im not sure how the whole system works but the series i race in just has. lites and novice. open and novice. vets and ladies. and all your juniour classes. im mid pack pack in lites which is way better than top 3 in novice. i get no satisfaction out of getting a top three in novice.

Eric im glad you asked that cause i was kinda wandering the same thing.I ride atleast once a week and was hoping to run the north florida cup series but wasnt sure what class would be best for me(the slowest class).have until end of september to get rready so hopefully by then i can atleast be competetive in the slower classes

You'll know as soon as your on the track with the other racers. Gauge yourself on your first finish. You will know right then and there what it takes to run up front, comparing the work you've put in to this point and the outcome. If your a naturally gifted rider it's not going to take as long to move up. If you win move to B. Then the fun begins and the addiction is in full swing.

I think one of the biggest problems with riding mid-pack in B vs top 3 in C is the motivation. If every time you go out, you're mixed up with the front-runners, thats going to push you a lot harder then being 10th with no chance at being top 5, let alone win a race. Motivation in a race is everything and it will just crush you to know going into the race, you have no chance at a podium.

Personally, I wouldn't race in a class unless I could be top 5. I think that is a reasonable goal for any racer and especially with local race series and perhaps smaller grids.

In terms of getting better for racing, thats easy... race more! You gotta break-away from your comfort zone and really put in the effort. I usually find a part of the track, or lets say a riding technique, that I can focus on to become my holy grail for passing people. For instance, I'm pretty good in the whoops, I make up a LOT of lost time by just nailing through them. I'm also a good starter, allowing me to be further up the pack or even in the front, right from the beginning of the first lap. Everyone can jump, but can everyone rail the inside line or blast through the whoops consistently?

A lot of racing comes from race practice and analyzing your fellow competitors. One trick I use to use, which might be a bit over- kill, but its kool is to take a look at the series points leaders and go ride with them in practice. Ride behind them, maybe even put a pass on them, just mix it up and see where they are strong and weak before you get on the grid. The pro's do it, why shouldn't we do it?

Anyhow, those are my tips for today! LOL

I would much rather be mid pack in the B class then anywhere in the nervous class. If your finishing top five its time to move up, it will make you a better rider. Then when the sand baggers who were taking the top 3 spots finally move from c to b, and you've been in b for 3 months you'll be faster than them.

I know people will knock vintage, but x pros race, and it is really competitive! I was an average c rider one year, a fast c rider the next year, and a pretty fast b rider the next year. And I really don't practice. I suppose it has to do with how comfortable you are on the bike. Do you feel like your completely in charge of everything thats going on?

I am having trouble finding tracks to practice at during the week. It seems that most tracks around me are only open during the weekend:foul: There is only one track near me that is open during the week. If anybody knows of any practice tracks open during the week in the Dayton Ohio area let me know. I have been thinking about building my own but I really don't have the means to do it yet. One day

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