leaking by sprocket

Hey everyone. So today I pulled my 04 rm 250 out of the garage to clean her up a bit. After I pulled the bike out of the garage I noticed that there was some fluid under the bike on the ground. It looks like its coming from the seal by the sprocket, but im not entirely sure cause my bike was so packed with much in the area. Is it common for these bikes to leak there? Could it be the gasket for the oil level height plug leaking? I just really hope this isnt going to get expensive. I clean/ degreased around the whole areas, so I guess I will take a look in the morning and see what Ive got.

My have some grass or trash rapped around the shaft. Pull the front sprocket and see if any junk is rapped up. Do ask me where or how it happen, but my rm250 had fishing line rapped up in there. Cleaned all off and the seal does not leak at all. Go figure.

hopefully thats all it is. There was a whole bunch of crap packed up in behind the sprocket, so maybe cleaning it will do the trick. If i do need to replace that seal, is it hard to do by myself?

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