Attack position?

Okay I am a fairly tall rider, I am 6'2". I ride a 2001 rm125. The last time I went out to ride I was trying to stand up but I felt like I had to either crunch over far forward or lean back which cause me to hold onto the bars instead of that neutral attack position where you can really maneuver the bike.

I have a little bit taller bars the stock which make it so i do not have to bend over to grab the bars when I stand up. I guess i just feel real crammed up and I am unable to achieve the attack position.

One time I was riding though I was able to get into the attack position was in bumpy/rocky fast paced sections. I handle it as if they were whoops. but that is the only time I was able to achieve this.

Any tips or what am i doing wrong?

Put the bike on a stand. Get on it, stand on the pegs with the balls of your feet. Now squat down in a good athletic stance until you can reach the bars with your head above the cross bar pad. It should be similar to a square wrestling stance or square football stance. You should be able to draw a straight line through your head, knees, and toes. Start there and row back and forth over the back of the seat to over the front fender. The neutral position is with your head just about over the center of the bars.

thank you

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