setting race sag ????"S

just a couple of questions if you all could help. i have a 03 crf450 my suspension was pretty dialed in (as far as the rebound etc goes ) then i broke the rear shock spring. i have bought one that is 5.7 as i have gained weight. would the clickers be the same or should i start from scratch and put them back to stock. i would also assume that i have to reset the race sag correct? any help would be so greatly appreciated thanks

You will have to mess with it a bit and yes readjust your sag.

you will have to set your shock sag for sure. If you had the bike set up the way you liked it before, i would leave your clickers right where they are and ride the bike before you mess with those.. As SHC said, you might have to adjust them, but it usually takes pretty big spring rate changes to need damping changes, and no use throwing your bike out of whack without knowing it will or will not work the way you like it with just sag setting.

What I mean by mess with it is your compression may or may not need softening/stiffening and your rebound may or may not need softening/stiffening based on how close you are to the optimum weight for the spring rate you have. In other words, your spring is stiffer so with damping remaining consistant for the weight your shock would want to rebound faster BUT your weight sort of counteracts that stiffer spring rate so leave it as is and ride and evaluate what needs to be done.


You'll probably going to end up two or three clicks out further on the rebound.

Here's why:

The stiffer spring will require less preload than the softer one to achieve the same sag. Since the stiffer spring is preloaded less, there's actually less force on the suspension when the suspension is unweighted than with the softer spring. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but its the way it works out.

I just went through this exact thing with the exact same bike and the exact same springs.

With the stock spring, my 03 worked best at 10 out on the rebound. But after putting the 5.7 on the bike, the thing didnt act right at all until I started backing the rebound off. I ended up at 13 out.

I'm guessing you weigh about 190ish. Try these settings: 7-9 on the low compression, 2 turns out on the high speed and 12 on the rebound. (assuming the shock is stock)

You really oughta be in the ball park.

pretty basic info.

Like the Gary Semic's riding vids. "to clear large jumps, make sure you go fast enough" :thumbsup:


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