cr250 blue smoke

my 2000 cr250 was running a little strange and blowing blue smoke today. it seemed to be running okay while i was riding it, but it was hard to start even when warmed up and had a hard time idling. the idle was surging and had a strange, muffled sound. it did not sound tinny and healthy like usual. it was smoking white with a tint of blue. my tranny oil was pretty low and dark grey. bad crank seal? thats all i can think of that would cause this. i can change the seal without splitting the cases right?

no spooging no bogging. maybe a hint of loss of power down low. also, i rebuild the bottom end of this motor about 2 years ago. arent there two crank seals? the ones in front of the crank bearings?

there are 2 seals one on the ignigtion side ( left) and one on the right ( clutch side) ... replace both at the same time greese the isnide lip with a good grease i use pro-circuit .. i also polish the inner collar that the seal rides on .. if theres a groove you need a new collar and lastly NOTHING FITS LIKE THE HONDA SEALS !!!!!! i've used pro-x ( closest) and then the generics that come with moose bearings .. honda seals are way better

will i need a flywheel puller? i remember using one when i rebuilt it but i have no idea where it is anymore.

yes you need one there like 14 $

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