My 350 SXF

Been Reading the forums for a couple years now, just don't post much...

Anyway Just wanted to throw up a few pics of my 350...

I bought it back in January, and 2 weeks later came up short on a triple, broke my talus, ribs and collarbone... So needless to say i've had much time on my hands for tinkering with it.. Just basic rite now, ride PG semi custom graffix, full FMF fctry 4.1 RCT with ti megabomb, KTM PPs orange hoses/folding levers, protaper henry/reed, pillowtop gripz. Bar mount map switch...




nice looking bike

sweet bike, im in the process of doing my 350 up at the moment, is the FMF system worth the money?

Nice bike bro. Yah please give a report on the exhaust. What gearing are you running? I went to a 51 in back with the stocker and I am tempted to go to a 52 as I feel I need a bit more pull to get 3rd gear more useable.:thumbsup:

i was also debating between the 51 and 52 tooth sprockets. nice bike!

me too. 51/52? someones suggested 13/48 worked good for them?? nice bike up top!! ive got an akrapovic silencer and was gonna buy the headed pipe but ktm have done a deal with akrapovic so that their pipes can only be sold from a ktm dealer! so no supprise that its £650!! 1000$! im thinking about maybe just getting the full fmf system fro the same price?!

I'm running 13 48 on mine so far so good!

I'm running 13 48 on mine so far so good!

Cheers mate, i forgot to say I only ride mx. Is that what you use this gearing for?

Cheers mate, i forgot to say I only ride mx. Is that what you use this gearing for?

No, just offroad racing

I'm just running stock gearing rite now, I'm sorry i can't help you guys out on a performance review on the exhaust... I have yet to ride it, im still goin thru rehab on the ankle, I mostlikely will take it out to the track in the next few days, but i will not be able to do much more than putt around... I will say, the overall look of the whole system looks very nice on the bike. And it has a very beefy crisp sound, not rediculously loud, but not quiet by any means... I have also removed the spark arrestor insert while i was installing it, so i'd imagine if that was left in it would be a little quieter... One other thing, i dunno if any of you have read anything on here about installing a full exhaust on the 350sx-f, but it is a bitch to remove the stock header... I ended up cutting mine off with a grinder, but that is because i had a broken collarbone and ankle and didn't have the ability at the time to remove the rear shock...

my header has a dent in it so chances are ill cut mine off as well!

updated my 350f here is a pic.


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