07 yz450 fork tear down

This will be my first adventure into this particular fork and just looking for a few tips.

From what I gather the fork is a cartridge fork and the top of the cartridge is obviously attached to the top cap of the fork. So, unthread the top cap from the upper leg then thread the top cap off of the top of the cartridge and the outer leg should then be free from the lower leg?

My main goal here is to get the two legs apart so I can change the seals; I don't intend on changing the oil in the damper(s) yet as it does not have much time on it. With this process I should not need to do anything that would open the damper do I?

open top cap, drain oil, lose bottom bolt.

I highly recommend to watch this if it's your first time on CC forks

Perfect, just what I needed.


Did the rebuild thisafternoon. I was able to take the fork apart without touching the top end and working only from the bottom. Everything went smoothly accept for the fact that one leg did not have the seals set in the whole way and the little snap ring was a bugger to get out of that side.

Also, seal driver would have been nice and is certainly mandatory for anyone else trying to get away without one.

I may also have made the mistake of using a 10wt oil for the lubrication bath. I'm no expert by any means with these forks so perhaps it will slow it down some or maybe it wont. I guess worst case scenario is I spend another 10 bucks on a thinner oil. Any experience in this end of things?

I may also have made the mistake of using a 10wt oil for the lubrication bath.

you mean in the outer chamber? basically its a good idea to run a heavier oil there due to the hydraulic stop at the end of the stroke. bad thing is, the inner and the outer oil mix over time.

just leave it and do a complete service after a few months...

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