i-cat on 2000 cr250

I bought a i cat device back in 2005 for a 05 cr i had then, it goes between the coil and spark plug in the plug wire. I came across it in my leftover parts and put it on last week. The bike had not been started in about 2 weeks, it always start in 1-3 kicks most thime 2 kicks. after i put it on it started 1 kick. went riding Today first thing this morning first kick it started and all day first kick everytime. it had alittle more throttle response right off the bottom and more mid range but mid through topend is where it impressed me. i had a 2001 once and didn't fill like the 2000 cr had as much top end but now this thing totes the front tire 1st through 3rd seems like forever. I think now they call it a i-boost. just though i would share that.

Glad someone had a good experience with the cat. If anyone wants mine just send an sase.

I've seen a few reviews on these that said no performance change

what exactly are they, a capacitor? I cant see how they would do anything helpful to the spark, I can see them retarding spark though, if it's a capacitor

nevermind, it's just a diode, 5 $ part

Philips BY8424 diode, with the cathode (banded end) facing the coil

yes i know that why it was in my old parts box i didn't think too much of it ether on my 2005 highly mod cr250, but i just put nit on to see what it would do the bike ran good before but just was not impressive. i have to admit yesterday the bike was very impressive. maybe it works better on older bikes where the ignition is not as strong as today's. I think it exstends the spark duration if that is what it does then jetting has to play a part also as a 2 stroke used sound waves in the exhaust to reflect unburned gases back into the cylinder. maybe it needs to be alittle on the rich side. i don't know but i'm leaving it on. What's that adress for that sase?

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