07 YZ450F rear wheel spacers

Hey all, I am new to the forum (was a guest for a while) and have received some good answers to other questions, thanks!

I just bought an 07 YZ450F which has treated me well so far but then last weekend I was at the dunes and had an issue with my paddle tire/wheel. You see I bought a used Warp9 wheel with a paddle online that came off a 09 YZ450F. When I took my stock wheel off, pulled off the spacers to put them on the warp9 wheel I noticed the diameter of the two were different. Basically the warp9 wheel was just slightly larger diameter than the other wheel making it so the spacers dont fit tight.

My questions are; is it ok to use them that way? If not, do I buy 09 spacers? is it the rubber gasket in the warp9 wheel that needs to be replaced?

THANKS in advance for the help!

The '09 and later YZ450 uses a 25mm axle, and '99-'08 uses a 22. If the hub is a Warp 9 product, you can probably contact them and get the parts you need to convert it. If it's a Yamaha hub, you're going to have to sell it to someone who can use it or do some custom machine work.

oh boy, thanks for the info grayracer513. Even though I think it is a Warp9 hub I hope it is not too much of a pain.

Probably won't be a big deal if it's a Warp 9 hub. Most aftermarket hubs like Talon, etc., use oversized bearings and then make the center spacers and outside spacers to fit the axle and swing arm they're intended to fit, so the parts you need should be easily available and easily switched.

If it's an OEM hub, it's really just too big a PITA to be worth the trouble, IMO.

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