Non motocross sponsers

Hey guys, I have a few non mx companys that would like to sponser me but I dont know what they would do. Can you help me out here?

Help you out with what? Why not ask them what their sponsorship entails?

^Yeah ask the company what they are looking for?....Most want there name /logo on your bike and maybe a trailer....Thats why sponsers pay or help out a called advertising........

Tell them what you will do for them, (advertise) and in return have them give you a check for X amount. They are going to spend their advertising dollars one way or another, so convince them to bring it your way.

Ok, none of them have ever sponsered an mx racer before so they ae about as clueless as I am haha.

All depends on the size of the company and sponsorship they are willing to give. If its a small operation you could just ask for help with race fees, tires, fluids, fuel, goggles, gloves... etc.

A larger operation willing to invest a little more money can help with mods to your bike such as head and cylinder mods, suspension, exhaust, transportation for you and your bike, gear such as boots, pants, helmets, ... you get the picture.

Its ultimately your responsibility to know what materials you need to be successful and I can tell ya that the small sponsors are just as important as the big ones. Racing has become an expensive hobby/ lifestyle, so if your serious about it fresh tires and race fees will help just as much as the company that pays to have your motor modded and your suspension blinged and fine tuned.

Edit: and if you want to keep your sponsors happy, keep them in the loop. Dont just take their money and run. Send them race reports whether good or bad, be sure to let them get to know you so they will recognize your face, let them know where your going to be racing... etc. etc. Those are the things that keep sponsors happy, and riders are often rewarded for being communicable with the company thats shelling out the coin.

just tell them buy the custom graphics kit for your bike which will benifit them with advertising and slap a sticker on your trailer or/and truck. and ask them how much they would like to spend on you. they will low ball you so just add a little bit on top of what they offer you and your all good

Ok, none of them have ever sponsered an mx racer before so they ae about as clueless as I am haha.

How did you talk some company that doesn't sponsor riders into sponsoring you? Are these acquaintences of yours? If so, just ask them what they want for their money. Pit jerseys are good for advertising, and of course your bike, trailer and gear. Not sure what a company that is not in the biz will gain for putting "Joe's Furniture" on the radiator shrouds.

Then again, you could stand out in front of their retail store twirling a cardboard sign


sponsoring as in buying you a pair of goggles? Giving you free dinners (if it is a diner that is sponsoring you), giving you $200 per race weekend? or covering an entire seasons budget including travel engine building and pit help.. Big range of "sponsorship"..

Sponsors fall into a couple catagories. One just likes you and want to give you money with little expectation just to help you out.. Another gives you an amount of money WITH the expectation of a RETURN in business you are able to send thier way as a result of YOU promoting the business. Without TV exposure, the later is why it is much harder to secure outside-industry sponsors for motorcycle racers.

KEEP AT IT, bringing in outside sponsors is important.

They are all smaller companies. I jut wasnt sure exactly what they could help me with. Thanks for the help guys! Happy riding :thumbsup:

what companies are sponsoring you?

im sponsored by goodwill, the local farmers market, KFC(mcdonalds wanted to sponsor me but i like the chicken deals i get better at KFC), and also jerry's resteraunt and diner.

so yeah i've pretty much got the best sponsors in the world and i'd like to thank all of them for the support they have given me and oh yeah the good lord and gatorade for keeping my spirituality and thirst quenched, thank you

just imagine that podium speech haha

If you are one of the truly motivated individuals in the world...and spend a LOT of time volunteering to help others...I could see that enhancing your marketability.

If you have a trailer putting thier logos on your trailer is a start. don't exspect little places to pay for everything. You need to work out an agreement. They are sponsoring you only for advertizing. They do not sell mx related products so advertizing is all you can do for them. If you win be sure to thank your sponsors. as far as what they can do for you. They need to pay for thier advertizing so if you have a trailer they need to pay for the material and pay you for the add space. In my case my work paid for half of my new trailer. this was about 2,000 dollars. They also paid for the material and installation of the graphics. I how ever still pay for everything else. But I have some other lines on sponsors. What I'm going to ask for will be travel allowance. Since gas is so high. I figure they can pay x amount of what it costs to move thier logo and they pay for it. So lets say I get 5 sponsors I will figure that I use x amount of gas over the year I will then charge the sponsor x amount for a year so if say I use 2,000 dollars in gas I will divide that by 5 or 400 dollars I think 500 dollars a year for adveritizing would be better so now I have an extra 500 dollars to now spend. Don't pocket the extra money. I will use that extra money to pay for parts on my bike to make me better thus making my chances of winning a little better thus making it more likly I can thank my sponsors.

Remember these companies are not giving out free money. you need to earn it. Even if you never win trying and going around praisin your sponsors will still help them out and make it worth while to do it again next year for you.

Thanks for the good advice primal!

Not a problem.. I do miss the good ol days when I played MX and had things to me and didn't pay for much other then food! ha..

Just remember nothing is free.. You have to earn what you get.. If you just take their money and blow them off they wont do it again and in small towns ect word goes around fast and next thing you know no one will help you..

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