Who wants 300MM front brakes? Post here!

Hey guys,

Im curious to hear why noone makes a middle range sized disc & adapter for the DRZ400.

It makes perfect sense for those of us who swap wheels reguarly between supermoto and dirt.

300MM is perfect since its not too big for offroad, and not too small onroad. If we put the disc on both front wheels, then there is no stuffing around with brackets, and especially with 320MM discs which are a downright bastard to fit the caliper on.

Who would buy 2 x 300MM discs and a caliper bracket if they were available? Maybe we can ramp up enough support for a manufacturer to make these for us Supermoto/dirt riders.


310 mm is stock on the SM's and is 10mm really that much difference?

It takes me an extra 2 minutes to get my caliper on my 320 rotor, and I think I would appreciate the extra stopping ooomph I get with 320mm over a 300m enough to not sweat the caliper tango.

Good luck with it tho

Try 280mm. Works great in the dirt on my S and should be stronger than the factory 260mm (or is it 250mm?) with the SM wheels.

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