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10' te510

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Welcome back to me, haven't been around in awhile.

Quick reminder I have a 07' TE250 that I loved for sometime. But after draggin behind my friends on there 450's 510's and so on it was time. A great deal landed in my lap and I couldnt pass it up. So now I have a 10' TE510, only 2 months old and that 2 months was with a buddy of mine that did the break in and everything correctly so this is basically a new bike. Power up has already been done as well as a few extras, he still has the bike right now so he can take the DMV test tomorrow (since his new bmw f800gs was a little cumbersome to take the test on) so no pics yet.

Enough chit chat, to the questions

1: how does the EFI work with out the mass air sensor?

2: exhaust seems to be real warm by my leg, header wrapped but I can still feel it, is this caused by the power up kit making it run to rich?

3: Power up kit makes it a beast but made the mpg take a dump, is there an way find a medium?

4: What have you done to cut down the giant piece of plastic that holds the license plate?

all input appreciated, pics and more questions to follow.

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