xr100 mods

i have a 96 xr100, all stock but i took it apart cause it burned an insane amount of oil. found that the rings were pretty bad, intake valve guide had no seal (idk why they didnt put one on?) and the cylinder was absolutely chewed. which is where most of the oil burn is from i think. anyways i bought a .25 oversize piston for it, then i popped out the intake valve guide, ordered a exhaust valve guide to replace it with so this way i can add a seal to it. now both valves will have valve seals, will have a new piston and rings, and a fresh honed .25 over cylinder. i was wondering as i have it apart, should i go with a 120cc kit and a 30mm carb? i went ahead and measured my carb i have now and its a 25mm so i would be adding 5mm with the new carb, but then i realised i can basically bore the carb myself being that i do port and polishing (the bike is also ported) so should i buy a 30mm carb, bore out my 25mm to 30mm, buy a 120 kit or no? im taking the forks into the shop tomorrow (zip-ty racing) to rework them and make them a lot stiffer. then ill make a frame cradle. the 120 kit comes with a cam too

I can't personally speak for the engine mods, but there's no replacement for displacement. I think you'd be happy with the extra ponies, and if its within your budget i say go for the big bore.

As for the forks, you can drop in some stiffer springs, or on the cheap add a little 30 wt oil in each, test, repeat until your happy, and that will help tremendously.

yeah the suspension is #1 problem. ill probably get the 120 kit

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