2006 Plastics on an 05'?

Hey guys. I have a YZ250F. It's an 05'. I want to get some white plastics but I cant find any that are for 2005. I see some that say 2006-2009? Does anyone know if they will fit. I'm not looking to modify the bike to make them fit either.

I've got an 04 and I'm not totally sure but I think only the front fender is interchangeable. Do a search on it, I found a thread about it a while back.

only the front fender will fit

The shrouds, back fender, side panels will be COMPLETELY different...I had an 03 yz250f and now have an 07 yz450f and the shrouds are no where close to being similar

go onto decalwoks website they sell white plastics for 03-05 yz250f. i have an 04.

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