Got my suspension done, trying to put shock back on, having some problems....

Alright, I finally got my suspension done by pro action after waiting for about 4 months due to financial issues. Well, I took my shock off long before I took my shock and forks to the shop and I forgot where exactly all the bolts for the linkage go.

There where 3 bolts left in my tool chest from when I took off the shock. 2 bolts had nuts, one didn't. There was one that was longer than the two, that had a nut. There are 2 that were the same length, one has a nut and one doesn't. I ended up putting the longer one at the top part of the shock that goes through the the frame and the hole at the top of the shock.

Now here's where the problem comes in.... Both of the remainding bolts when put through the bottom hole part of the shock and the linkage arm don't go through completely to the other side.. Is there a nut needed for this bolt? It seems like there has to be some sort of security for a bolt that basically holds the shock.. And besides this.. I can't find another place for the bolt left over besides the one in the bottom of the shock.

I don't know what to do :thumbsup::banghead:

BTW bike is 1998 YZ 250

I've looked at that already and I can't find the bolt that's in the part where the linkage connects to the shock on the bottom. Anyone else??? I really want to ride and this is getting on my nerves.

Alright, it turned out to be fine. I just torqued it to spec and got to ride a little bit today. The suspension feels great! :thumbsup:

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