Glen Helen Rollcall

Packing for GH, who's going?

I will be there wed night, camping the whole weekend.

Racing Sat

40+ Int and 4-stroke class

#21 Black #plates 01 YZ426

White Astro Van

Come by and we can exchange lies.

Gary Chaidez

I'm 90% sure I'm going - not to race but to watch. I'll try to look you up.

My son and I are going on Sunday only. It is nice living only 20 minutes from Glen Helen!!! We'll try to look you up.


Hey G,

I'm down with a tweaked knee, was planning on spectating with Tim and Brad and a few others but can't hike around so I'll be staying home. :)

I'll tell them to look you up, maybe Tim may want to go race too?

Good Luck!!!!!!


We can't make it to G.H this weekend :) to many prior commitments, ( COP race)

Try to be careful around the campfire this time and keep those boots on :D

Good luck and kick some AZ butt for us !!

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