YZ450F to SM conversion help needed...

Got a hold of a sweet deal on OEM 2006 YZ450F and definately want to turn into a SM beast....this is a "part getting" faze...got a nice deal on SM wheels, bought quite a few parts from TT & SMJ members (brakes, levers, guards, skid plate, fendes, protectors, lines, handlebars, etc.). Question about sprockets: looking to get street oriented gearing (not hwy speeds) for in-town riding, wheelies/stoppies and other hooliganisam. This baby have stock parts on it (i believe 14/49) what would collective suggest and do i need to shorten my chain in that case (i rather not because of ocasional dirt set-up)

Also, would switching to heavier fork oil help for the street set-up?

Thanks fellas

Your best info on SM stuff is probably going to come from the Super Moto Forum here.

As far as lighting goes, the YZ450 is a problem. The unmodifed stator WILL NOT drive lights at all, and the existing electrical system is 100% AC. Several aftermarket companies have offered rewinds that can support about 35w DC max, but no more than that, and most if not all have failed to prove very reliable. Conversion to WR electricals is expensive.

Look at the Common Threads Sticky under Elecrtical for more info.

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