carb mod's

I have 08 yzf450 the carb is out now and i was wondering if there is any mod's to do to it befor i put it back togeather.

If you go to the pinned stickies above (find the ones where Grayracer513 has them marked "Read These First"), you'll eventually find mention of the o-ring mod, for the accelerator pump.

See William1's pinned sticky in the WR Forum about "Eliminating The Dreaded Bog"...... There's some pretty good info on accelerator pump operation, & timing & such in that thread.

Getting your jetting dialed in, or rather, swapping jets if needed, now would be a little easier while ya have the carb off. :thumbsup:

Or, you could send it to Zip-Ty, and have them do their stuff to it.....


I did the o ring mod to my 08 and it made a big difference

Be careful using WR info for a YZF. The carbs are somewhat different in how they are set up.

In most cases, the carb on an '08 needs nothing other than proper jetting and tuning.

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