ibeat question....?

Should a retail/service store for bmw motorcycles have ibeat for husqvarna? and if not shouldnt it be just a download/parcel delivery away? contacted the service department and they said they had the software but could not do the husqvarna.... doesnt sound right to me unless its cable specific? but bmw owns husqvarna no?

the cable looks to be a micro/mini usb same used on a pc3 usb and as a razor cellphone. can anyone confirm this so i can get the bike running. no shop or dealer within 500 miles has one. one shop has it but the guy said he never used it and would need a few days of playing with it on the bike. thats just insane, i cant justify the software for a 1 time setting change in my ecu. where do the cables plug in?

Connector is behind the headlight

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