Car Stereo Security Codes

After ten years and 130,000 miles the battery in my truck finally won't hold a charge. Replaced the battery and now my Kenwood stereo is in "security code" mode. When I did the install I never entered a code, all I did was basically plug it in and it has worked great for the past 5 years. Does anyone have any idea how to get out of this mode? My research has turned upped codes like 3051 and KCAR. They don't work.

It is probably doing the same thing a stock stereo does. I would get the serial # off of the back and call kenwood and tell them what is happening. Most likely they will be able to give you the correct code with that serial #.

When you removed the battery you tripped the security feature. Do you have the manual? Do you remember setting any kind of security code? Try these:

Try 1234, 1111, 9999, etc. Also try any common pin codes, like your ATM code you may use in case you set one and forgot about it.

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