Renthal, Cycra and Zeta

Here are a few lessons learned from recently adding a set of Renthal aluminum handlebars (stock profile), Cycra Pro-Bend handguards (with the triple clamp side mount system) and Zeta four-finger levers on my 2005 DRZ 400SM. First lesson learned; because of the added thickness of the triple clamp side mounts and in order to get the proper thread engagement on the triple clamps you will need four 70 mm long, 8x1.25 bolts. This additional length will allow you to use a flat washer and lock washer on the bolt, which I did. Second lesson learned; the easiest way to mount the handguards is to extend the 8 mm slot in the pro-bend bar approximately 1/2” to the outboard side of the bar so you can slide the bar flush against the end of the handlebar. With the stock-length slot in the pro-bend bar and the two holes in the side mounts there was no way to get it all to line up well and sit flush against the end of the handlebar. Luckily I have a friend with a machine shop, so this was exceedingly easy for me…:thumbsup: Third lesson learned; while I like the Zetas, the length of the four-finger levers force you to move the perches inboard on the handle bars to get adequate clearance between the end of the levers and the pro-bend bars. If I had it to do over again, I’d get the three finger Zetas.

I just installed the Cycra Pro-Bend handguards earlier this week. I used the triple clamp side mount system and have Protaper bars and DRC shorty levers.

It was probably the easiest install I've gone through with hand guards. My bars are cut down to 30" so I had to cut down the handguards and drill a new hole to match up to the triple clamp side mounts and tweak the bends slightly but it ended up fitting perfectly. The DRC shorty levers fit easily inside the handguards and I had no trouble using the stock pinch bolts with the side mounts. After re-reading your post I'll go back and take a look at how much thread engagement I have, I recall there being a lot of engagement but I'll go back and check. I have a mill in my shop and as you said it makes the job a lot easier.

the zeta tripple clamp side mounts come with longer screws in the kit.

the drc "short" levers are 19mm shorter than stock and work well with handguards.

there's no way a handguard manufacturer can make a guard to directly fit every handlebar bend profile on the is a generic product at best and some fitting work is generally needed or optimum fit,and still others can take more just goes with the territory.

that's strange.. I used 55mm bolts for my triple clamp mounts.. that's a big difference of 25mm..

Maybe the older kits came with the longer bolts, but mine did not. The only bolts included were for bolting the pro-bend bars to the triple clamp mounts.

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