400exc vs 520 ?

What are the main differences between the 400exc and the 520 ecx/mxc's. My buddy is looking to go orange. I have a 400, he has riden it and really likes it but we have no seat time on 520s. He's looking at all of the mid 2000's 400 to 520 models. Is there a huge difference? It looks like the wieght & hieght are close to the same. I guess the question is the power, is there a huge difference between a 400 and a 520? Looking to ride everything from tight nasty trails to desert to mx play days.


Aside from the difference in displacement and engine personality, the two bikes are identical. I rode a buddy's 525 EXC, and while I thought the power was reasonably smooth, it pulled just as hard as my YZ426F. I got tired of riding my YZ426F and XR650R on tight single track, and hearing the 400 EXC has a near-electric-feel-motor, I picked up a '02 400 EXC. After riding my other bikes, the 400 EXC is nice and mellow. It'll bark if you want to. I'd much rather ride my 400 EXC on tight nasty trails. For more aggressive (and tiring) riding or racing, I like my YZ426F. It'll pop the front tire off the ground in any gear.

In either case, either bike would be a good choice. You'll learn to manage the 520 in the tight stuff and learn how to ride the 400 aggressively in the wide open.

:thumbsup:Thanks Dave,

My buddy ended up buying the 400exc last weekend. We looked at the 520 but the 400 was in better shape and I think will fit him better:thumbsup:

Right on Scott! If I had to keep only one of my bikes, it'd be the 400 EXC. And if later on I decided I want more power, it's been said the 452cc big bore kit makes the 400 EXC the best bike KTM never sold. It's the perfect balance of bore and stroke.

I agree with last post although i like my 520 more in the desert-open stuff. 400 best all around bike- good choice!

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