vintage racing classes

I have an 82 yz125 and a 85 yz125. is their a class for these bikes? want to sell these and would going to a vintage mx be worth while to sell?



In our club (AVDRA) the 82 is a GP3 and the 85 is GP4, because of the disk. You can race both on the same day, which is nice. I believe the AHRMA classes are similar, but the names are different. We have a lot of these class bikes (those are the classes I ride) but you don't get as much respect as the pre '75 riders. In the end, it is all about having fun so ride what you are comfortable on. If you are in SoCal, we have a race at Anza in late August. Come out and ride 'em!

BTW, we have a lot of tt/xt 500's in the GP class as well.

thanks gorgon--i will never ride them in comp. a little old and way too big. I am building a 76 tt500 but not for racing.

Berg, we have plenty of guys your age and older. Just sayin....

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