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"Auto-Clutch" misunderstanding...

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I put a Revloc Dynaring in my '09 WR450F over Christmas...and LOVE it. I don't ever want to ride again without one. Last weekend my kids and I were out riding the trails behind our place, and during a break my oldest son asked if he could take my bike for a ride and try the out the new toy. He's been riding with me for a while, and wrenching his own stuff since he was big enough to hold the tools, so he's no greenhorn. Off he goes in a cloud of dust-mud...pin's her out until the limiter in first. Stops. Looks the bike over. Jumps back on. Off he goes again right to the limiter. Stops. Looks back at me and slowly rides the bike to where I'm standing. With a worried look on his face he tells me he thinks he broke the clutch. I ask why....and he replies that it isn't shifting. I took it for a quick spin, and it worked fine.

THAT'S WHEN IT HIT ME. He thought that because it had an "auto-clutch" it would also shift on it's own like an automatic transmission. Then I began to think back on all the posts I've read the last few years about auto-clutches, and how some people seemed to have weird aversions to them. I wonder how many people incorrectly think it turns your bike into an automatic?

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