Tail light wire colors don't match Yosh tail light colors?

I am installing a Yosh fender eliminator and in the directions it shows different wire colors than I have. The new LED tail light has black, blue & red. The stock harness has black, white & brown. I blew the fuse connecting them incorrectly, called Yosh, but they only show info on the DRZ400SE which apparently has different colors than the S. Does anyone know the correct hookup?

guessing here, but black is most definitely ground, so by trial and error you can only mess up the others once.

temporarily connect them and test the brake light in both configurations. see which configuration makes the light brighter when you activate the brake.

The E does not have a brake light (only tail light) so it's only a two wire setup, if your diagram shows three its for an S/SM


black to black/white stripe

red to white/black stripe

blue to brown or gray

Gray is the taillight, White/Black stripe is the brake light, and Black/White stripe is ground. Hope this helps.

Got it, thanks guys! The Yoshimura fender eliminator looks great!

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