350 sxf clutch pull

I have noticed an increase in clutch release effort from our 09 250 sxf and previous bikes I have raced, has anyone else experienceed this undesireable effort on there 350sxf?

I have the origional lever and an ASV flex lever , the flex lever incorporates an longer efective lever didtance between the pivot and the plunger which makes the clutch pull actually harder. my OEM lever reduces the effort from this aftermarket one.

does anyone else have any suggestions on how to decrease the clutch release effort.

Move the clutch perch a little further from the hand grip. I did this and can now use one finger to pull in the clutch.

... or go get a Gym membership and work those girly lower arm muscles up to snuff... :thumbsup: Or - try the Steve Pohl´s clever lever. It reduces the pull to bare minimum.

Ville will also call you girlie men if you can't adjust your preload ring with your bare hands. :thumbsup:


nope, but then again this is my first hydraulic clutch, and i have a gym membership... just sayin :thumbsup:

What if you have sausage fingers?

then you should have no problem using the stocker

I used the midwest lever and for motocross its just hasnt got the feel you get with the stock lever.

Although the guy I sold it too loves it but he rides single track ???

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