anyone in jersey wanna go riding soon?


tried calling the nearest group in jersey and it was a no go, so now im looking for a few guys who wanna go riding this summer with me and my brother. Im area code 08066 right in the middle of jersey across the river from philly. if anyone wants to get together let me know. thanks


Hey Mike any places by u to ride,im in the atlantic city area only know of 1 place over this way,would'nt mind hooking up for some ridin

blue diamond tomorrow...

Sounds like a fist pumping good time!

you know it cowboy!

as an Italian i find offensive a$$ comments like that unnecessary. Richtat67 i have one place left about twenty minutes from where i live thats all single tract. its OK to get away there for a few hours of riding. Don't think i would drive from Atlantic city to here for this place but i don't know ill drive for a day now if the place is good?

I always figured all that tanning would make your skin thicker not thinner. It was a joke and Im still trying to figure out what part of it was "offensive" to anyone.

looks like its time for a DANCE OFF!! you better get yourself to seaside joe

T-shirt time!!!!!!!!

hell yeah..and if you dont get any fine guidetts and its all grenades while beating up the always got snookie to go home and spoon with ::thumbsup::

snookie want smush smush

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