first impression of my wr

my last bike was a 97 xr 400. loved it, kind of a tank but reliable as hell. easy to ride and handle. hopped on my 04 wr450 for the first time yesterday........

i've been fixing everything wrong with it the last 3 months, it was worth the wait it fn rips! too hard on the throttle and things get squirrelly real quick! i did the mods i found on here, its a wicked bike. i'm into it for 2700 bucks, so far worth every penny. thanks for the info on thumpertalk, great site!

Congrats on the new WR. I'm on my second one in 6 years and just love it. Won't own/ride anything else. The 04's are awesome and the new ones are even better.

awesome man :thumbsup: i started out on a 99 in 05 and then bought the new AL frame in 07 and been on that ever since and they are awesome bikes with the slightest mods

Welcome to the WR club!!! Yeah, she's a beast. But she's a friendly beast!!! Maniac

I hated mine until I installed a YZ silencer

It made it lighter because it was and feel lighter because it had the power now to lift the front wheel over the bumps

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