Croom Saturday 7th


I'm gonna be there and anybody is welcome to join. Usually parking spot usual time.


Dono...remember to stay on the I was hoping on making it in the afternoon, however I gotta work.


How was it Don?


I was the first one in, Ranger just opened the gate.:thumbsup:

This is the second trip there and I saw NO FRIKKIN BANANNA SPIDERS AT ALL!!!! (I think the world is comming to an end:smirk:)

There is a GREAT FTR marked trail (probably set up by one of the FTR folks) that runs all over the West side (much better than the FTR trail marked ones on the East side IMHO) and I had a frikkiin blast.

On the East side can someone tell me where the F" does the FTR marked trail go to that dead ends into Trail S???? I must have searched for about 30mins up and down Trail S and all around the woods for the continuation but nuttin! (***).


btw, there is one cute Forrest ranger gal working there, she likes to wave at everybody when driving around.

the bananna spiders will be there soon enough.. Summer time, rains, then you start to see em. Little fellas at first, but week by week they get BIG :thumbsup: And yea, Missy I think is the red head your speaking of. Very nice :confused: The newer marked trail (orange FTR banners) does just "END" at a north/south wide trail. Pretty much make it up on your own when ya get there.. LOL. About the most technical trail i have found there, much appreciated to the guys that put em in!

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