Will these fit?

Can i put a wheelset from an 08 yzf450 on my 06 yz125?

no it wont


Yes, it will fit, the 450 has a wider rim though.

it wont be the same as it was before because its a different wheel set though, it will work, but not how it was designed too

What do you mean? The only difference in the wheels is the width of the rear rim, and sometimes people use the wider rim on small bikes for different conditions.

he will probably get better wear out of the tires because of less weight on the tire compared to what it was designed for, alot of times handling suffers a little bit when you get a wider tire, it will get better traction in most places and will get through more stuff in mud and trails, like i said though, handling will suffer, its all about what you want i guess, but for me handling matters quite a bit

2002 thru 2010 YZ/YZF 125/250/450 all run the same 5NY- front wheel assembly. Feel free to exchange.

(The WRs use a hub that mates with a odometer drive, so you may want to avoid them.)

1999 through 2008 125/250/250F/450 YZs all use the 5ET- rear hub assembly, just remember that the 250F and 125 run a narrower rim (1.85 vs 2.15).

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