Fcr Drain screw

Quick question. I just installed a fcr 39 on my drz. As soon as I turn the petcock on to the prime (vacume nipple not installed yet) position gas is leaking out the very bottom drain hole. I have the allen drain bolt/screw turned all the way in just wondering if i'm missing something or if I should turn the screw in even tighter but it feels as though it is seated well and I don't what to break anything.

Thanks for the help

i believe he means the tiny set screw located on the drain nipple and not the float bowl cap.

Used FCR? Did you go over the carb before you tried to put it on?

Check/set the float height? Confirm the float needle seat oring is intact? Check the AP diaphragm condition and so on and so on.....

Thanks BuMtarder I do mean "the tiny set screw located on the drain nipple and not the float bowl cap" carb is used.

Thanks for the help

Pretty sure that drain nipple is both bowl drain (drain screw) and high fuel level over flow. So I suspect it is high fuel level that is dripping out of the nipple. Check float setting and float valve and the "O" ring on the float valve.

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