Refurbishing plastic gas tanks

I'm restoring my first bike, a YZ60. Whats the trick to making the plastic gas tank look new again? Any input from any of the experts out there? Thanks in advance!

I did a search on here the other day, and using a paint for plastics seemed to be the ticket, I'm sure there is a lot of prep work though. Try to search it. There is some good info to be found.

You can use easy off if it's just dirty. Let it sit on there for a while and just wipe it off. Maybe some scrubbing needed. You can use steel wool or fine grit sand paper too. There is also some stuff called Plastic Renu (or something like that). I've seen some good results with that stuff. I also heard about someone spraying a clear coat on their plastics after they restored them. Would like to see pictures or a video on how that would work.

I'm no expert, but those are things I've either done myself or heard of friends using. Good luck. Gonna show some before and after pics?

is it the old scummy stuff that the fuel does or just dirty?

all of the above--if really bad scrape with a razor blade--do not paint if you are going to ride it (put gas in the tank) the repo decals you buy won't hardly stay on (bubble bad) there is a place in Arizona that restores plastic tanks.

There is a sanding method, from a rough grade to a fine grade.

This is followed by a polish, it takes out all scratches and makes the tank new again, there are polish products for sale for this purpose (a kit). But I'm sure you can use other polishes.

I have a '80 RM100, the tank is crusty and almost white, so I just did a small test area with sandpaper and then wiped some WD40 on it, it's smooth, yellow and shinny, I'm going away so don't have the time right now to do the whole tank.


Thanks everyone. It is starting to come along nicely. However, the bottom has turned brown from fuel, like what 97cr125 mentioned. Is it possible to remove this brown stain from the fuel tank? Thanks again!

i used a stanley knife blade and started scraping

thanks for the response... I guess I'll keep scraping away!

just dont get to heavy handed and leave a gouge

You need to use the "3M Headlight Restoration Kit" found at automotive parts stores. Comes with several grades of sandpaper discs and buffing compound. Also comes with a velcro-backed attachment you chuck up in a handheld drill. This unit holds the sandpaper discs.

Be patient, and rinse the discs frequently to keep them from fouling.

You want some tank decals that wont bubble up? Just run a search on eBay for "1982 YZ60 Wicked Tough" Seller's name is "yamatopdog". Store name is "SpeedandSportGraphicReproduction". Best decals out there :thumbsup:

are they the ones with holes in them?

yes. plain decals will begin to bubble up within only a few days.

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