Rocket exhaust

Well I got a deal through Rocket exhaust. I offered to write up a review for them for the deal I got.. I made it clear to them that I would only write what I think good or bad. I can say they have not sold me crap. How ever since I've only ridden this exhaust once I can not talk about long term longevity.

So first things first. Packaging. I received my exhaust in a well packaged box with each component individually wrapped in bubble wrap. Took for ever to unwrap it.. This is good. Hard to find any company now a days that goes the extra mile to make sure its safe in transit.

So I ordered a full exhaust system for my 2011 kx250f I got the carbon can. I was immediately told by rocket and by a friend [whom is a pro mechanic] that carbon cans don't like it when the packing is bad. What I do know is that modern 4 strokes blow through packing quit quickly and unfortunately most people don't know this and let it go way past the need to change it.. Inherently carbon fiber is not the best for the extream heat generated by our bikes. So it makes sense that you need to keep up with the packing so to this I'm not faulting Rocket and give them props for warning me.

SO now for looks.. I love the looks of the pipe The end cap is powder coated but it does look good.. We will have to see how it looks with some hours on it but I don't see it being to bad maybe at the end it may distort due to heat but I'm not thinking it will be that much of an issue..

So now on to the first start up of the bike [no riding] for a sound sample.. Since I didn't order it to the 94db specs of ama I can say this pipe is loud.. Louder then I expected. I will be ordering the insert to quieten it down..

Sound sample while riding.. It's not as loud as I perceived while just on the stand.. I've heard hmf pipes and other that were so bad I could feel it pounding my ears through my helmet.. This exhaust is not like that.. Riding with out a helmet [yes I know no helmet = stupid] it didn't bother me. Riding with a helmet on it sounded great but for all purposes though it's still too loud since sound pollution is an issue for us all.. Comparing this exhaust to my 2007 with a full procircuit exhaust the sound is roughly the same so if you're buying on sound alone and considering a procircuit exhaust you can not base your purchase on sound between the two pipes..

Next power.. Since I have not had anything other then the stock exhaust on the 2011 I can't compare it with other mfs. How ever compared to stock this rocket exhaust uncorked the pipe.. It's more responsive on the bottom through the lower end of the top of the rev limited.. I did not have to much in the track I rode where I could or needed over rev.. So unfortunately I did not check to see if it lost or gained on the upper revs. Since switching to the 2011 from the 07 I stopped over revving.. had I put this on my 2007 I would have known since I rode on the top of that bike everywhere.. The 2011s don't need it..

SO currently I like the pipe and plan on getting the 94db insert hopefully it will quieten the pipe down and not sacrifice to much.. I suspect even with the insert it will still be better then the stock pipe..

To add Rocket exhaust stopped producing their pipes in china and are now American made and assembled here in the states. With the fact that rocket does not sell to a middle man and rather for the most part sell directly to the customer their prices are kept down.. I've heard horror stories of when they had Chinese make their pipes they were of shit quality.. So far the pipe I have that was made here in the US of A it's anything but shotty..

More info later when I get some more time on the bike with the pipe at different tracks and conditions..


On your next update I would love to hear more about the overrev charracteristics as well as some pics :thumbsup:


great company, great marketing philosophy, owner's son is a "fairly"fast/good MXer as well.






Sweet looking exhaust!:thumbsup:

Did you bring a whole VP jug of chocolate milk to the track?

humm.. mmmm chocolate milk!

Don Leib of Rocket is a very cool guy and I have heard nothing but good things since he revived this company. I expect that durability will not be an issue.

Can you get the end cap in different colors?

WoW Where Did you Get Those Graphics and seat cover ??

you okes rok man..buet bike primal nice kit is good and some things never change keep it up we need uuuuuuuuuuuuse

I just got my new Rocket Exhaust in along with my head from MX Time and let me tell you what I love it.. I agree that the packing job from Rocket was awsome.. They did a great job.. Easy to put on the bike unlike othes can be.. The pipe looks and sounds great.. Yes you can change the end cap colors on them.. I've gotta send out a Big Thanx to Dave @ MX Time for the great job he did and the fast turn-around time..

Update!, After putting some time on a track with a long sweeping corner to a long straight I knoticed that this rocket exhaust took a little from the top.. I must add though I cheeped out on a rear sprocket and went with a steel rear sprocket that added quite bit more weight compared to an alu sprocket so that might have not helped but I'm doubting it's enough to make me knotice the lack of top.

I believe that different pipes are set up to add or increase different spots in the rpm range....I bought this Two Brothers Racing full exhaust system at an awesome deal for my 07 KX250F....The TBR pipe is all top end.....I felt it killed my mid....I seen a video were TWM was talking to Dr D....and he was saying that some pipes feel awesome on the track may not have that great of dyno numbers....And sometimes the oppisite....pipes that shows big numbers on the dyno....dont feel that great on the track....I feel if a pipe mfg is trying to increase the preformance at a certain rpm range that another part of the rpm range may suffer some....It sounds like the Rocket Exhaust is the strongest in the mid.....

I wanna repeal my update on the pipe.. my clutch is toasted. I'm wondering if my lack of over rev was due to the clutch being toasted.. When I judge over rev it's not by hearing its by feeling and with the clutch being toasted I may have been slipping and just felt it didn't have top due to it being toasted..

When I get a new clutch installed I will give a proper update.

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