Need to know what Plastics fit

I have a xr200r and I need to know what universal plastics fit i.e. front fender, rear fender, side plates. I was looking at the acerbis website and there are a dozen universal kits. Or what UFO parts fit, and if someone has picks of there bikes with new plastics please post. I have done a search and people talk about using them but no part numbers are given.

Maier and others do list parts by bike model. Front fender mounts are pretty universal but air cooled motors use a fender that is shorter on the rear end so cooling air can flow to the engine.

The only universal plastic for the XR200R is the 84-85 XR200R/250R plastic that fits the 86-02 XR200Rs but the problem is Honda likes to change the color scheme every year or so.

2002 xr 200r. Back fender and side plates from Maier. Front fender and number plate are from a crf150r by UFO honda013.jpghonda012.jpg

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