what cycra handguard mounts?

Im looking at getting some of there cycra seris one probends, but I dont know what mounts to buy. I hear the triple clamp mounts are the best. should I get the front or side triple mounts?

Also Do I need to buy two mounts or do they come as a pair?

BTW this is for a 09DRZsm with stock renthal fatbars.



they comes in a pair..

you'll need side triple mounts for your DRZ..

My "S" model uses side mounts, I don't know if the SM's bolt from the front or side.:thumbsup:

thanks for the quick replies guys! Ill order some up today :thumbsup:

Cycra triple side mount.


The front mounts are tits:thumbsup:

here's my zeta side mounts,I like them alot they're rigid with no movement at all,you don't have to worry about cables being in the way.


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Yes Dan... get the side triple mounts. Way stronger than the bar mounts and your front end doesn't twist as easy when you crash :thumbsup:

Just ordered em. Thanks all :thumbsup:

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