new tire

i just bought a new tire for my 2001 cr250r. i took it off the rim myself but wasnt able to get the new one on so i took it to my local honda dealer and had them install it on the rim and put 2 new spokes in. at most i thouht it would cost 35 dollars for them to put the 2 new spokes on and the tire but it ended up costing over 70 dollars! does anyone else think that the price is a little rediculous? it cost more to have the tire and spokes put on than it did for the tire and spokes! :thumbsup:

Shop time is often around $70/hr. Maybe they have a 1 hr minimum. Good learning experience--next time use the $70 to buy a good spoke wrench and some good tire irons and do it yourself.

or ask what its going to cost before you give the ok...

I've always done my own tires but I think a LBS might charge $20 to swap a tire. You went to a dealership so you're paying MSRP on patrs and high labor rate.

my local dealer will swap out a tire for 20$ if you just bring the wheel in, bring the whole bike in and they want a lot more...

i could have done the spokes myself i have a spoke wrench but i thought itd b only a couple dollars extra for them to be installed so i said they could. ive bought from there before and they've always let me know what its going to cost they didnt this time but i had no idea itd be 70 dollars otherwise i would have kept trying to put the tire and spokes on myself lol

Not really much to mounting tires. There are several good how-to videos around that show the easy way to do them.

$70 is high, but as mikea 2 said, probably $70/hr shop fee with an hour minimum.

After years of riding/racing, i finally broke down and bought a decent set of tire irons and now change my own. It will take a few to get the hang of it, and not pinching the tube at the final stage is key.. it really sucks having to do the hard 1/2 of the job a 2nd time.. ! Lots of wd40 i found (after convincing from TT members) does help a bunch..

And yes, ALWAYS get an estimate before you have someone do your work.

Yeah i know its not much to figure out i just didnt have the time to do it then. But oh well its all said anD done now so i guess i should just quit complaining and enjoy the grip of a new tire lol

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