Bolts stripped on master cylinder

So as the topic says. Somehow the screws got so fricken tight on the front master brake cylinder over the winter, that I stripped the 2 flat screws on top.

What is the best way to remove these screws without being to evasive? I imagine they would have to be drilled out, but I want someone who has experienced this before tell me the right way of doing it.

Thanks for your time.

Take a dremel or some other cutting tool and cut a slot in the top of the screw and use a straight screwdriver. That would probably be the easiest way then replace the screws. Your talking about the screws that hold the cover on right? Use some WD-40 or Kroil to break up some of the rust

That's correct, the screws that hold on the cover. It seems I will have to invest in a dremel tool finally.

It's a good excuse to get one and you will end up using it all the time but there are other ways of making the slit like using the corner edge of a file or part of a hacksaw blade but the problem of those are you might mark up the cover itself and not just the head of the screw

I have been able to carefully cut a slit in the head with a small chisel in the past.

I have been able to carefully cut a slit in the head with a small chisel in the past.

I haven't thought of that. I'm going to give that a try, and hopefully it works out. If I put some nicks in the cover, I will just get another one as they are only $11.00

Thanks for the great tip! :thumbsup:

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