Best offroad instructional dvd??

Hey guys, I want to buy a DVD to train this summer, in your opinion which is the best one? Thanks..

I have Shane Watts' stuff and also the Nathan Woods DVD. They're both great.

+1 Shane Watts, he has several to choose from.

Start out with the first Watts video

The Woods one is also great and I believe the proceeds go to his family.

I have both also I like the Nate Woods better though its called off road with Nathan Woods :thumbsup:

I have Dirtwise, and it is an excellent video

I have not seen the Nathan Woods DVD, but I have all of the Shane Watts videos. I was impressed enough with the videos that I took a class from him as well. It was a very well done class.

Check out Steve Hatch's online program, or instructional DVD's . I've taken personal lessons as well as the online videos/documents and I couldn't be happier with the results as well as his style and personality:thumbsup:

i just ordered a Nathan woods video after reading this thread, and looking over some the links.... Rekluse are selling Nathan Wood DVDs for $10 not sure which ones bit proceeds goes towards his family.

purchased Dirt Wise too...both seem good.

Both show good fundamentals

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