XR400 very hard to start, but...

Just bought my first XR400- plated to go dualsporting with my friends. 1999 model, GREAT shape. Kept out under a tarp for years. Wouldn't start at first, but cleaned the carb, now it starts.

Problem is it always takes LOTS of kicks to get it going.Very exhausting! Last time I had to use starting fluid spray in the airbox (started first kick after that). But once it starts and warms up, it starts great after that.

Any advice???

maybe a clogged jet? or check valve clearances or timing maybe

This works for me: Full choke, full throttle, hold the kill switch, hold manual decomp lever... 10 kicks easy through....find tdc, no throttle and kick to start. It works when dropped also...but sometimes you need to turn off gas when kicking through 10 times....then simply turn on gas, find tdc and kick to start.

If this doesn't work you should look at your pilot jet and set your float.

I have to have my idle turned up one-half turn or it WONT start. That with full choke and a little bit of gas. If it doesnt start after about 10 kicks, pull in the decomp lever and run it though about 10 times and it should fire up.

Finding TDC helps also

Bubbagums, you're a genius. That's all it took. First kick! Wow.

Mine was the same way, until I adjusted my valves. It's still hard to start sometimes but the full throttle, hold decompression lever and 10 kick method also helps a lot. If I'm at home and it's cold outside, below 45F, the only way I can get it started is by worming it up first with a heater. I take my Reddyheater, and aim it at the jug for about 5 minutes. Once the engine is warmed up it will start on the first kick every time. But that doesn't help much when you're on the trail.

Check the jetting. Very important for easy starting.

I always thought the XR4 was a little hard to start "by nature". After messing with the jetting i found out it is not. My bike now start in 1-2 kicks, after four slow "priming" kicks with the kill switch pressed.

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