yz450f or yz 250

i cant decide between a 06 yz 250 or a 08 yz450f. i like the smooth power of the four stroke but i dont know how to fix a four stroke by myself. i can do a 2 stroke top end just fine.

i have a friend who can help me learn how to fix 4 strokes. but i was wondering how long all the parts last on a 4 stroke top end. like cams, piston, valves, seats, head, everything.

i dont race but i just practice at mx tracks, i would say i'm a slow b rider so i'm not really on the rev limiter especially on a 450. i'm thinking 100 hours on a piston for a 450. but not sure how long everything else lasts

i know with a 250 2 stroke it's just 25 hours for rings and 50 hours for rings and piston

$150 for a top end vs

$500 if you do it yourself

$850 for a shop

Sure you will get a bunch of people arguing about the price

but the bottom line is what can you afford?

im not too concerned about the price of a rebuild cause i always keep up on maintenance, so i never have a failure and i replace everything when it needs to be. i'm just curious on how long everything lasts in a 4 stroke cause i know their not fun to rebuild.

if you have a buddy to help you with the work it will be very inexpensive. i got my top end kit from wiseco for $130 on a yz250f


thats one that will fit on a 08 yz450 and you should probably get a cam chain. and you should pay the dude thats gonna help you like $20 so about 200

a yz250


about 50 dollars cheaper. from what i have seen is that 4 strokes last a little longer and it usually makes up for the price. (even if it was the same, the price difference is not THAT crazy.)

most people keep a 450 4 stroke and 250 2 stroke in low rpm's so you probably wont need to be doing top end jobs all the time anyways.

my 250f which takes a beating compared to what a 450 would take, costs me around $400-600 a year

when i had a 125, in a half a year i spent $200, (would have probably cost me $300 for a full year because i installed a top end right away, and you only need one once a year or 100-125 hours)

none of these costs include gas (and oil for 2 strokes) the oil in 2 strokes costs a little more but its not really that big of a deal.

hope i helped, if i did, write a good review, haha jk, good luck kid

If you're not stoked on how a two stroke rides don't buy one just because you know how to fix it yourself... You have to think about the hours upon hours you'll be riding the thing.

If you don't care about the extra cost, get the four stroke.

If you wanna ride a real bike, get the 250. :thumbsup:

i think i'm just going to go with a yzf 450.

if you know how to ride a YZ250 properly then you will be just as fast or maybe faster then a 450. but if money doesnt bother you much then get a 450. and if you dont like it then just sell it and buy a yz250.

i would get a yz250 because i like 2 strokes better, but thats just my opinion.

I'm a proponent of the two stroke but for your needs I'd get the 450F.

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