modded a HESD Steering Stabilizer for the DRZ

I machined all the mounts and built a manual electronic controller operated by the rotary pot knob by the throttle, it's the tits for $30 total spent, some fabricating required. :thumbsup: It's a 2007/2010 CBR600RR HESD..... control range 1 volt to about 8V full damp. My DRZ400E is happier now with knobbies at 70 mph and a solid feel on full damp.

Can't get pics to work, here's a link, look down the page those pics work.

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Any pics of it?

please post schematic, also your pics dont work

those dampers sure have gotten cheap

how did you mount it on the drz, and what did you use for a post ?

how did you mount it on the drz, and what did you use for a post ?

Had to machine off HESD mount flange 1/2 inch so it would sit close to bars, made 2 alum mount plates that clamp inbetween handlebar clamps (machine clamps so mounts fit in) uses ewxisting HESD mount holes on the sides. Made a actuator arm from alum instead of the crappy steel one that came with it, the position pin/ring is a common aftermarket design I copied the only way to do it and still have full bar lock travel, the ring I machined and slotted to clamp on top of the stem with a hardened bolt to connect to the pivot arm. I'll try and get a pic to work up close.





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cant see the pics on that site

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