Rubber Blinkers

so ive been very disappointed with the durability of the stock blinkers, i tried relocating the rears up toward the seat so they didnt hang out so far but still have busted 3 out of 4 and now have electric tape wrapped all around them trying to keep them together, kinda works for now. im wondering why they had the good idea to rubber mount them and make them flexible, but then made the outter housing out of something the equivalent of egg shell. one good tap from a rock or branch and they shatter. does anybody make a solid rubber blinker? rubber flex mount and rubber housing? the only thing that really needs to be hard plastic is the lense in my opinion, the rest should be rubber. anyone know of blinkers like this?

You can see where I mounted my blinkers here:


If they broke in a fall they would be the last things i'd be worried about.

The only issue is the right blinker needs a standoff, its slowly been melting on my muffler. The previous owner had them setup this way and I just never bothered to change it.

thats exactly where mine are, there were already holes in the frame and they mounted perfect, a lil close to the muffler though your right. i just want to find some solid rubber ones.

so far ive dropped the bike a few times and dumped it over backwards a few. the only things ive had to replace were handlebars, and all my levers are bent but still working, but the blinkers seem to be the weak point. im gonna have to buy new ones soon and was hoping to find some solid rubber ones.

i have them mounted in the same place for the last 4 years and 17,xxx miles and dropped a number of times and all the above and have yet to crack/break one. thewy get kicked all the time when i try and mount the bike with boots and still going strong. i have a MRD and my blinker is resting on the muffler and has yet to melt

I had to replace one of my DRC 601 blinkers that I destroyed in a crash last year. Instead of using the hard plastic spacers that came with the blinkers, I used some black rubber fuel hose that was lying around and cut my own spacers. It gives them a little flex now instead of being so rigid.

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