asap please

so i pulled out of the shop into the field to go ride for a couple hours before the kids get home from school,spun out in dried leaves and grass bent my shift lever:foul:,limped back to the shop and promptly broke said shift lever trying to straighten it:banghead::worthy::thumbsup:,my welder friend is gonna weld it for me{i cant weld aluminum with my welder},the levers still question is,how do i straighten it out without breaking it again???the honda dealer doesnt have one in stock:moon::confused:,and i have a ride planned for sat and one for sunday,can i heat it to straighten it?and if so will it be weak after that????any help would be appreciated:smirk:

I (or actually my dad-It was a while ago) straightened one by heating it with a blowtorch and tweaking it in a vise. Couldn't tell you if it weakened it or not but I will say, it's better to try it than sit at home on Saturday!

I would carry a small pair of vise grips on the ride. That way if you break your shifter off you can clamp them to the rod and at least limp home. Ask me how I know. Then ask me if I didn't ride that bike like that everyday for a week waiting on parts from the dealer!

Heat will not work on aluminum to bend it.

If your buddys allready going to weld it why worry about breaking it again he'll just have to weld it twice.

I have welded several clutch/brake handles and never had one break where welded.

I grind both broken ends to a point and build the welds from the center out a little at a time turning it as I go try to keep the heat down in any one spot, if worried make it thicker and don't grind it.

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