Bought a new bike!!

after a year and half with no bike I finally got one yesterday. Couldnt pass up the deal. Its a brand new 2008 KTM 450XCF.

Tomorrow Im going to see my friend and he is doing the suspension for me for my weight. Cant wait to start riding again with my nephew!! Weve been working on a track at my house for about two months now. Goes through the woods some, then there is a double you can take or roll, two nice burms and a couple little jumps. My stress relief is back!



Here is some of the track behind my house.You can only see one little jump and the double in this one. I have loads and loads of mulch coming in for free from a local tree service. Were going to put it on top of the whole track, we did it before and it works great for not getting too sandy. I also put sprinkers in yesterday and planting seed tomorrow in all the open area between the track and the house. Should look nice when all done


Your going to love it!!! I just picked up a new 09 a month ago and it is awesome. Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

looks good:thumbsup:

on the hitch,hard to tell. This is the first time Ive used one. It seemed to be about the same price as most. I drove 2 hrs home with the bike on it and it seemed to do fine

How do you like that hitch holder? Been trying to find something to suit my needs, but I'm worried about strength of cheaper productions and yours looks like this one:


Great looking bike but I love the track were going to need some more pics.

where are you in florida? and that track looks nice, i love fast sandy stuff

in pasco

there will be more pictures to come! the sprinklers will help with the sandy parts in the summer

where are you in florida? and that track looks nice, i love fast sandy stuff

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