426 Clutch repair

So I've owned my '00 426 for about 3 months or so and just started racing MX. I noticed the grabby/noisy clutch pretty much from the start and it didnt really bother me much until I started racing and found I just cannot get off the line without a big wheelie/throttle chop/catch up to the pack thing going on so I decide to check it out.

I opened it up and the basket was a little grooved so I thought that was the problem, I took it out and lightly filed everything down and re-assembled it. It seemed to work fine a couple of times and then right back to the same thing. I have been reading all the info here and DRN about oiling problems, upgrading the basket and the '01 spring/washer/friction combo upgrades. I didnt find a Hinson in stock and wasnt thrilled about dropping a couple hundred clams on it if I didnt need to.

Last night I took it apart again and enlarge the spiral oil grooves on the pushrod and the throughout thingy with a file and polish them up with emery cloth hoping to improve oiling. Then I figure I will clean up the basket and make sure there are NO burrs or sharp edges that could be causing a hangup somewhere because the basket really looks fine and I am trying to figure out why the hinson basket would work so much better. Anyway I mount it lightly in a vise and go to work with an emery cloth on all of the fingers. I am taking my time and everyhing if just fine and until get to the last finger and as I am moving the basket in the vise it slips away and I cant catch it in time to stop it from crashing onto the concrete floor. Twang! I new instantly from the sound that I would be buying a new basket anyway....

Oh well. I tried.

I have a hinson basket on order and the '01 washer/spring/friction on order as well.

My question is has anyone installed the '01 parts in the hinson basket? I am guessing they will work because it seems that they act on the hub and not the basket but I just wanted to ask (and of course share my idiot story with everyone)


Dave (in AZ)

Dave, I too have a 2000 and just recently installed the Hinson basket and inner hub with the 01 spring/seat plate/friction plate.

It is quite an improvement. They work fine as they only replace one of the stock friction plates. The seat plate and spring actually fit inside the new friction plate. The same thing happened to my stock basket while I was doing the Hinson swap. I wanted to save the original basket just as a spare. I lost my grip on it while drilling out the rivets retaining the backing plate and new right when it ended it's flight that it would be ending up in the garbage! I still have the stock inner hub though and it's like new.


00 YZ426F

01 TT-R125L (my son's)

91 CR125

83 YZ490

74 Hodaka Super Combat(gone but not forgotten!)

I have no experience with either, but you can get the Performance Engineering basket for $139, and it seems very similar.


Thanks, I got the new basket today. I will install it tonite with the original clutch parts and install the 01 parts when they come in next week or two. Glad to hear it will work.


I considered the PE basket but Jeff at motoworldracing.com sold me the hinson for $190 and got it here the next day so I figured that for only $50 I might as well go with the one that I heard so many others had success with. I would have liked to save some bucks if I hadnt broken my old one I would have probobly tried the PE or Talon basket for a few less bucks. Thanks anyhow.

Dave S

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