Stripped threads

My buddy recently picked up a 2001 520 exc. After a few rides it started leaking oil and upon inspection we found that two bolts had come loose and fallen out of the starter. We replaced the bolts and cleaned all the oil off and started the bike but we were surprised it was still leaking cause we thought the leak was coming from the starter area. We figured out the leak was coming from the right side cover just in front of the kickstarter. We decided to make sure all the bolts were properly torqued and realized there was one bolt that was a size 12 instead of 10 that seemed to be stripped. Curious we removed the bolt and discovered it wasn't really a bolt, but a really big self tapping metal screw thing. I have seen these things used to attach gates to houses covered in stucco so they can drill through the sheet metal and bite into the wood beneath. We have no idea why the previous owner would do something so stupid:bonk:. My friend went ahead and ordered the new gasket, but we don't know anything about re-threading bolt holes. Is there a preferred method to re-thread bolt holes or any method that will work. Thanks for any input.

a threaded sleeve. check out

+1 on the timesert. Only way to do it right.

tap and die it?

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