2003 RM125 clutch not working


I have a 2003 RM125. At the end of last season, the clutch was slipping badly, so last night I tore it down and replaced the fibers. I put it back together, and was going to take it for a test run. I started it, put it in gear, and felt a little "click" like it went into first. I let out the clutch, and there was nothing there. Just like I had the clutch pulled in.

Any ideas? What should I look for?

Pull the clutch cover and then pull all the clutch springs out. I bet you can move the plates in and out. Now turn the clutch pressure plate to the next hole. Your pressure plate must come into contact with the outside fiber plate. The pressure plate has square notches that line up with the inside clutch hub. You will know when it falls in place. Make sure you readjust the clutch free play up on the lever.

Here's the latest on this issue...Very strange...

I tore it down today, and verified that everything is assembled correctly. I reassembled it, and noticed the the pressure plate just spins when the clutch is engaged. The fiber plate doesn't even touch the pressure plate.

I pulled out the clutch plates, and decided to measure the new fiber plates. According to the owners manual, the minimum thickness of a fiber plate should be 2.4 MM. The new fiber plates measure a thickness of around 1.9 to 2.1 MM. As a test, I stacked all 8 fiber plates from the new clutch and the 8 fiber plates from the burned up clutch. The burned up clutch (all 8) measured about 22 MM (thickness). When I stacked up the new clutch (all 8), it measured about 18 MM. The new clutch is like a whole plate thinner than the burned up clutch.

Has anyone ever heard of anything like this? This is an EBC clutch. The reseller I bought it from won't help me out at all. I've emailed EBC to see if they will do anything about it, but we'll see.

One other thought...I didn't replace the metal plates. Just the fibers. Do you think there is a chance that the EBC metal plates would be thicker than standard plates, compensating for thinner fibers?

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