06-11 triple clamps work on 05 yz250?

it seems the 06-11 clamps have an option of offsets. and i cant find a full set for my 05. so will they fit? if not what could i do to make it happen? i think the forks are a different size is the issue right?

thanks yall.




They will fit, the difference is in the spacing between the forks. You will need the 06 wheel spacers as well.

Bike looks good

Bike looks good
Plus 1!

The 2005 lower triple clamp has a slightly different pn (1P8-23340-L0-00) than the 2006-up (1P8-23340-M0-00), though I don't know the exact differences between them. Like jeffro667 said, I've heard the distance between the fork legs was different (2mm?).

The '05 & '06 share the same front wheel spacers (5NY-25183-00-00 & 5NY-25186-00-00), so maybe the spacing difference was made up in the lower fork leg bosses, which are different (1P8-23120-L0-00 vs 1C3-23120-M0-00). :confused:

So it seems as if 2006 & up triple clamps will work as long as you add a 1mm shim to the brake side spacer, or use a 2006 brake side lower fork leg. :worthy:


There are lots of other threads on this swap. Keep us informed on what you find! :thumbsup:

They will work but it needs to be a full clamp set (top & bottom) for years '06 -'11 onto the '05. The fork tube center to center dimension changed at '06. An '06 & on top clamp won't work with the '05 bottom clamp.

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