Kx250f starting help!!!!

I got a 08 Kx250f and it will not kickstart at all when not warmed up but will when it is warm. You have to push start it to get it going and it will not stay running unless you keep it revved up and hot or cold it will not stay running unless you are revving it up. Can someone please let me know what is wrong with it. I think its the valves but am not sure and i haven't checked the clearances yet.

check valve clearances.. also check your pilot jet..

If it starts and runs after warm its your valves, your intake valves are tight if you dont have the ability to do it i suggest taking it to a shop. I do all my own work but i was a tech for 6 years it is a fairly simple procedure if you have mechanical ability.

so it just needs a bigger shim then?

so it just needs a bigger shim then?

Smaller, but it´s just a band-aid fix. The valves will need replacement if they have become tight. You will only postpone the work for a small while.

Could also be a carb thing, but check valve clearance first.

valve clearances would be the easiest to check and probably my first task. After you do it once, checking the valves is about a 30 minute job, most of that being removing everything above the cams (seat, shrouds, tank, valve cover).

it only requires a few standard sized sockets and a set of feeler gauges (typically less than $10 at your local auto parts shop)

good luck

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